About Yoga Classes at Additional Locations

Have questions about yoga classes at the Winnetka Community Center or the Glencoe Park District? Maybe this will help –

Q. Why are you running classes at additional locations?

Both Winnetka Community House and the Glencoe Park District were seeking assistance offering high quality yoga, and we are thrilled to be involved in bringing great yoga to their communities. It helps our students too. We have only one studio space at 688 Vernon. In order to offer more than one type of level of class at popular times, we need additional space.

Q. When and where are the new classes?

Check our schedule of everything, or from our menu, choose the specific schedule you’d like to view.

Q. Can I use my Reach Yoga membership, or classes on file, to attend classes at these locations?

For the Takiff Center, YES. For the Winnetka Community House, please register and pay on their website (try this link).

Q. Does Reach Yoga benefit financially from running these classes?

Well that remains to be seen! 🙂 We hope so. Our teachers receive the largest share of the revenue (as they should), and the location and Reach Yoga split the rest.

Q. Where should I park at the Winnetka Community House?

Most classes are in room 212, which is upstairs. Closest parking is the lot behind the community house; enter the lot from Pine Street (near Green Bay Road) or from Lincoln Avenue (just south of the Community House). If you need to stop by the Fitness Center desk to purchase a drop-in class, you may prefer to park in the lot on Pine Street (or on Pine Street itself). **If you have trouble finding parking,** please send me an email to let me know–and I will alert WCH.

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