About Judy Lichtenstein of Good Karma Tees

Judy Lichtenstein’s Good Karma t-shirts have been featured at Reach Yoga on-and-off for almost six years. Check out current inventory–available for only a limited time, including during this weekend’s sidewalk sale.  

Q: When did you start designing your own clothing/ where did your passion for design begin?

My path in art and design started when I went to college. I was an illustration major in art school at Washington University in St. Louis. I loved fabric and did any of my projects that I could on fabric. That is where my path in art began. As it was, anything that I made in art school I could sell.

So after college, I went home to Pittsburgh, which is where I am from, and started my business. At the time, I was painting on fabric and doing soft sculpture. That is what was in, in the late 70’s. So while I was in Pittsburgh, I met another woman who was an artist kinda doing what I was doing. We made objects that we sold to stores and galleries. She took me to New York my first time to try to sell my work.

While on that trip trying to sell, I ended up getting a New York rep with a showroom who would represent me and my work. I was very lucky. That was the beginning of my business 40 years ago.

Q: What inspires you when creating designs for your clothes?

Healthy everyday lifestyle and happy memories are my greatest inspiration. Starting from waking up in the morning very early, seeing the sunrise is my everyday start. I get on the floor and do my yoga stretches every morning to start my day; then I feed and walk my dog.

Being outside in nature also inspires me. I see the possibilities for designs everywhere.

Q: What are some of your favorite t-shirt designs from your Good Karma Tees line?

I love the lotus, tranquility trees, happy buddha, Ganesh with border, the henna hand and chakra chart to name a few.

Q: How does yoga help your creativity?

Starting my everyday getting on the floor and doing my yoga stretches and poses energizes me so I can meet the day’s challenges.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is struggling to find creative inspiration?

To help someone who was trying to start a business in the artistic field making a product to sell, my advice to them would be: Pick a store or gallery where you think your work would fit in. Call up the store and ask who does the buying and make an appointment to show them your work.

There is a good amount of rejection that goes along with being an artist. It is hard to not take what people say about your work personal. I have been very lucky in my years of business to end up selling to many great places. When I was 23, Barney’s New York invited me to be in all of their stores and I sold to them for over 15 years.

What really did help me was the woman who did what I did, but made different products. She was older and really was a mentor. I never would have gone to New York on my own for the first time and hit the streets trying to sell my products. A mentor who is willing to give you advice  is really quite helpful.

Glencoe Sidewalk Sale 2018

The Glencoe sidewalk sale this Friday and Saturday. This is your chance to buy some yogic apparel and gifts (mostly deeply discounted).

This year we’ll also host a popup shop that includes Judy Lichtenstein tees (Good Karma) and some tie-dyed items from irose custom designs.

They are out in the boutique already (or will be soon), so take a look!

Hope to see you this Friday and Saturday.

Night Moves … by Kathy Pace

This blog post is offered by yoga instructor Kathy Pace. These rewards for evening classes are offered in addition to the Reach Yoga Holiday Challenge. Participate in either challenge or both–anything you do counts in both places. 

Ah, December. That month we always vow to “be more relaxed next year….”

Reach Yoga gets it and wants you to stay whole and calm during the holiday season. So during December, when it’s especially challenging to take time out for self-care, Reach is offering you a FREE CLASS PASS (or 40% off one apparel item from the lovely Reach Boutique) if you come to at least four (4) late-afternoon/evening classes in December.

ALSO, if you bring someone who is brand new to Reach to one of these classes, you’ll get another FREE CLASS PASS or 40% off one apparel item in the boutique (limit one per week). 

But wait, there’s more! The person who attends the most late-afternoon/evening classes in December will receive a goody bag full of amazing prizes including–yes–a FREE CLASS PASS or 40% off a boutique item!

Please join us on the mat to unwind after your busy December day. Sign up for class here. Namaste!

Friday, December 1

5:15 pm – 6:15 pm: Basics & Beyond with Allison H.

Saturday, December 2

5:30 pm – 6:15 pm: Meditation All Levels with Judy C.

Sunday, December 3

4:15 pm – 5:30 pm: Vinyasa Flow Level 1-2 with Megan M.

Monday, December 4

5:15 pm – 6:15 pm: Vinyasa Flow Level 1-2 with Mia P.

6:30 pm – 7:45 pm: Vinyasa Flow All Levels with Cheri W.

Tuesday, December 5

5:15 pm – 6:15 pm: Vinyasa Flow Level 1 with Judy R.

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm: Yoga for Working Stiffs with Kathy P. subbing for Jeremy C

7:45 pm – 8:45 pm: Candlelight Deep Stretch with Kathy P.

Wednesday, December 6

5:15 pm – 6:15 pm: Vinyasa Flow Level 1-2 with Megan M.

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm: Yoga for Working Stiffs with Shalaka T.

7:45 pm – 8:45 pm: Relax & Restore with Laura F.

Thursday, December 7

5:15 pm – 6:15 pm: Vinyasa Flow Level 1-2 with Diane P.

Friday, December 8

5:15 pm – 6:15 pm: Basics & Beyond with Allison H.

Saturday, December 9

5:30 pm – 6:15 pm: Meditation All Levels with Judy C.

Pre-Holiday Yoga Challenge: The Rewards

Earn rewards for practicing and sharing yoga at Reach, November 20-December 20, 2014.

Sign up online here. Just by signing up, you are automatically entered in a drawing for three free classes at Reach. Drawing will be held the first week of 2015.

Once you sign up, you will receive weekly encouraging/inspirational emails. And you will earn points, which will be recorded on our Challenge Board:

  • Earn one point for every class you take
  • Earn THREE points every time you bring a friend to class who is new to Reach Yoga (or hasn’t been to a class in the past six months) – one point for coming to class yourself, and two points for bringing the friend

At the end of the challenge, claim your reward(s). Rewards are cumulative – that is, if you earn 20 points, you get the rewards for 5 points, 10 points, 15 points, and 20 points.

Number of Points Your Reward(s)
5  Coupon for 40% off any single full-price boutique purchase
10 The reward listed above, AND 2 free class cards for yourself, to give away as gifts, or to treat friends.
15 Both the rewards listed above, AND 30% off full-price items in the boutique during all of January 2015
20 All the rewards listed above, AND 5 free class cards for yourself, to give away as gifts, or to treat friends. Or, if you are or become* a Reach Yoga member, 50% off your next monthly membership fee.
30 All the rewards listed above, AND one month unlimited yoga. You choose the start date; free month must be completed no later than August 30, 2015.

Remember to sign up online here.

The fine print:

  • Free month of yoga is not transferrable to anyone other than the person who earned the points. 
  • But, free class cards can be given to anyone who is willing to sign a waiver. 
  • *If you would like to sign up for a Reach Yoga membership during the challenge, you may. The three-month minimum that has always been part of our membership deal does apply. See details here
  • All yoga students must sign a waiver of liability. If student is younger than 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver.
  • This challenge is available to Reach Yoga instructors, staff, and teacher trainees. 
  • Rewards must be claimed no later than January 30, 2015.
  • Free class cards and retail coupons expire on August 30, 2015. 
  • Free month of yoga must be completed no later than August 30, 2015. 
  • Winners may be featured in email newsletter and/or social media, with their permission. 

Pre-Holiday Boutique News

Come check out our new boutique items and the variety of fun, unique leggings that Reach is carrying! Be a trendsetter this winter and ditch your plain black workout pants. Reach is carrying popular brands including Onzie, Liquido Active, Hard Tail Forever, Spiritual Gangster, and more. Come to your next yoga class in style.


Fall Boutique News!

Friends, our boutique has returned to fall hours (9-5 Monday through Saturday, and sometimes additional hours).

When you shop at Reach Yoga, you help us pay our rent so that we can continue to offer the yoga teachers and classes you love.

The store will soon be jam-packed with additional merchandise for your wearing and gifting pleasure. Look for new items from these brands:

  • Spiritual Gangster
  • Hardtail Forever
  • Manduka mats in NEW colors
  • NEW 2Chic bracelets, bags, and more
  • NEW Urban Halo headbands

Remember we still have great candles from VoluSpa – one of our yoga teachers bought 5 today, because they make great hostess gifts (or teacher gifts, or coach gifts, or whatever). And as we contemplate the coming cooler weather, check out our scarves from Michael Stars and other brands.

Come in and check us out! If you have suggestions for our boutique, we want to hear them. Please email us at info@reachyogaglencoe.com.



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