Considering Yoga Teacher Training at Reach?

Have you thought about taking a Yoga teacher training and poo-poo’d the idea because you figured you wouldn’t end up teaching anyway? Well, teacher training is meant for anyone who loves yoga,  anyone wants to enhance their practice, and anyone who desires to live a yogic lifestyle beyond their mat. Geena Zaslavsky, a dedicated Reach student and former student of our teacher training program tells you just why you should delve deeper.

Q.Why did you decide to take a 200-hour program in yoga? 

While practicing law for the past 25+ years, I always tried to maintain some sort of exercise regimen to stay in shape and manage stress. I love outdoor sports; biking, hiking, and was a triathlete before neck and knee surgeries sidelined that sport for me. I practiced yoga on and off for many years-tried various kinds and never really found a groove or a place that drew me in. Following my surgical rehab, I was anxious to resume my workouts, but concerned about re-injury, so took some semi-private yoga lessons with a friend, and the more I learned about the purpose of the yoga poses and how to do them correctly, the more I enjoyed it. Rather than something I just wanted to get done as part of my exercise routine, yoga became my favorite part of the day. It wasn’t a chore. . . it was something I looked forward to, and noticeably missed when I couldn’t fit it in my schedule. 

I started taking classes with Ramaa at Full-Bloomed Lotus in Wilmette, and noticed a seismic positive shift in my outlook, attitude and stress levels. I went on a weekend yoga retreat with my friend Deb Wineman (who teaches at Reach), and started to really appreciate the whole yoga culture as an open, accepting, supportive “no judgment” zone. That’s what really drew me in.

Q. What about the Reach Yoga program in particular was appealing? 

I love Deb Wineman (as a person and a yoga teacher), and she was in charge, so that made it an easy choice. I live in Glencoe, so Reach was a very convenient venue. I also thought it was a great schedule (Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons) and easy to make work. They were also very cool about helping you make up the work if you had to miss a class. I also really liked all the people in my class, so looked forward to seeing them twice a week as well as learning the material.

Q. What were a few key learnings you took away from the program? 

The class deepened and enhanced my yoga practice beyond anything I expected. I have a lawyer brain, so the spiritual aspect of yoga was always a little much for me. I never understood the whole chanting situation, and was pretty satisfied with a good hard Vinyasa flow class and nailing a crow pose. This class expanded my horizons so much, and really complimented my studies at Full-Bloomed Lotus. We learned about the interesting origins of the yoga asanas (poses) from Pam Gross, their purpose, and the correct way to do them. We studied anatomy with Jenny, who was amazing and really broke down the physicality of the poses, teaching us what they helped and when they were contraindicated. Paul taught us about energy, the Gunas and the more spiritual side of the practice, and Deb and Wendy taught us how to communicate our new knowledge in a way other people could understand.  My own practice did and continues to improve exponentially because of this training.

Q. What was your favorite aspect of the program? 

I loved learning so much about an area I knew almost nothing about when I started the class, and loved becoming part of an amazing community. Yoga people are just really cool. And kind. And interesting.

Q. Have you taught yoga? Did you expect to teach? Do you expect to teach in the future? 

I never went into this class expecting to teach. My established career choice (one I also love) and travel schedule would preclude a regular teaching commitment. That said, I did teach a few classes as part of the training program and shortly thereafter. I was anxious about my playlist and the likelihood of miscuing right and left, but overall channeled Deb and Wendy, who said not to think of it as “teaching,” but rather “sharing” your own practice, which was super helpful advice. My hope is that as my schedule lets up in the foreseeable future, I can integrate my yoga training into my life passions, and “share my practice” with people in underserved populations and communities.

Q. How has your yoga practice changed as a result of completing an immersive program? 

I am better at it, enjoy it more, understand it more, and am far better at integrating yoga principles into my life off the mat and outside the studio. I am also now able to practice yoga alone on the road when I travel, which I do often, so can consistently practice without the hassle of finding a yoga studio everywhere I go (though that can be fun too!) 

Q. What advice would you give to someone considering a program who isn’t sure they want to teach (or is sure they do not want to teach)? 

Do it!  You won’t regret it!

200-Hour Teacher Training Announced

Reach Yoga will host a 200-hour yoga teacher training, beginning in January.

I am excited about our faculty this year, which is led by Paul Weitz, Deb Wineman, and (new) Sharyn Galindo of North Shore Yoga.

The combined experience of this faculty is impressive indeed. Using a well-honed and tested curriculum, these inspirational teachers can empower any serious student of yoga to deepen their practice, live in accordance with yogic wisdom, and effectively share yoga with others.

The schedule for this 200 hours of training is accessible to almost anyone. January 26 – December 15 2019, Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30pm, plus ten weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 11am-4pm. There will be no formal class meetings in July or August. 

No schedule works for everyone, and if you are seeking a weekday-only option, I encourage you to investigate Sharyn’s other training at North Shore Yoga.

If you’d like to learn more about the Reach Yoga teacher training, read here and/or request more information.

If you are ready to sign up, we are so happy — apply here.

About Deb Wineman: Student Comments & Video

Deb Wineman is a celebrated teacher at Reach who teaches soulful vinyasa flow style yoga.  She is co-leading our Reach 200-hour Teacher Training Program with Paul Weitz which begins next month, and is very instrumental in the studio’s overall programming and environment.  

I am grateful to Deb for all that she brings to Reach, and to me personally as a student of yoga … and if you read below, you’ll see the reasons so many others feel the same. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see a video giving you a peek at Deb’s summer beach yoga community class which Reach will support again next summer. –dhp

Here are some comments from students of Deb:

deb maxi“Deb is an accomplished, thoughtful, and kind person and a top-notch teacher. Her classes are full of compassionate challenges. As an instructor, she goes out of her way to ensure that everyone in the room feels welcome. She carries this same positive energy off the mat; she often stays chatting with practitioners after class, providing additional guidance and deeply listening to any concerns or feedback. Everything about Deb is genuine and bright, including her voice and smile, which are soothing and sincere. Deb Wineman embodies the essence of yoga. She is a gem.”

“Deb is my favorite yoga teacher. She’s knowledgable and always explains how you should be doing all the poses to “feel” it. She is soft spoken and I so look forward to going to her class each week!!!”

“Love Deb and her classes! She always mixes it up and her classes fly by. She is so respected by all and Deb makes me want to practice more yoga!”

“When I started attending a class of Deb’s on a weekly basis years ago, her cues were so clear that yoga became accessible and fun.  I felt that she took a personal interest in my progress and encouraged me to continue. Deb makes everyone who comes to her class feel welcome and special.  She is always calm, always smiling, always encouraging. I feel so privileged to be able to take the teacher training class with her.”

“Deb is a precious  gift to Reach and the yoga  community!! She is always  compassionate,  real and with profound gratitude when guiding her students through her yoga teachings … a highlight of my week … always!!”

deb full wheel“What I really enjoy about Deb’s classes is her cuing.  She cues the poses in a way that makes it possible to get deep into a pose without pain or injury. Her classes are as challenging as one cares to make them–they truly are a ‘moving meditation.’ She takes her yoga practice ‘off the mat,’ in a way that’s inspiring. It’s not about showing off or popping into head stands, it’s a way of being.”

“I became more serious about yoga 3 years ago. After going to a multitude of classes, I fell in love with Deb at your studio and now will only take her classes. I try never to miss a week with her because she puts me in a happy zone.”

“Deb is an excellent technical teacher; she makes appropriate choices and helps her students really understand and maximize their practices. The real beauty, however, comes with Deb’s aura and internal beauty. She glows from within and makes me glow as well. Deb’s music is perfect in every class too, her music and her lessons never feel redundant. Just from attending classes I have forged a personal relationship with Deb outside of class. What more can I say? Deb Wineman is my own Dali Lama!!”

“Deb is genuine both in her personality and depth of yoga knowledge. She is a very graceful teacher, able to speak to both new and experienced students with soulful and insightful cues.”

Deb mountain

“Deb Wineman has a special energy. It shows through in the way she lives her life and the way teaches yoga. Taking one of her classes is good for your body and your soul.”

“I love Deb’s kind and calm style!”

“I love classes with Deb because of her warm, uplifting, spiritual essence.  She leads her classes as true meditations that flow so beautifully from one pose to the next.  She is always encouraging to everyone for just where they are; gives wonderful, creative tips; and celebrates every little improvement and challenge met.  Her soothing voice and awesome music playlists make each class a unique treat.  She encompasses all I want in a yoga teacher!”

deb skis“Balance is the word that comes to mind when I think of Deb. She possesses the ability of gracefully balancing her classes so that her students feel both challenged, from the great workout she leads, and peaceful, from the gentle energy she shares. When I have completed one of Deb’s classes, I leave the studio with a feeling of both accomplishment and tranquility that stays with me for hours.”

“With a smile always, Deb enters the practice. She is very attentive to each individual’s form which has helped me improve my practice. I only wish I could drag myself out of bed for Sunrise Salutation. It has to be incredible.”

“What I enjoy most about Deb’s classes are the affirmations that she shares with her students.  Deb always seems to know what I need spiritually AND physically to make my practice successful.”

“Deb provides us with a creative, safe space to practice yoga, bringing her experience and depth of knowledge of the body and the theories that support the practice. And it’s just a fun space also! Even when you think her classes cannot get any better, they do! Deb’s special talent is transitioning students into positions so we can grow without getting hurt. Grateful.”

“Deb is a special person. She exudes an incredible, positive spirit that is embracing, and everyone in class can feel the vibe. The classes are very challenging but in a stealth way, because you are lulled by her calm, nurturing voice and approach to yoga. I am impressed with her special focus on very descriptive and wonderfully memorable cues, which I am certain are the result of careful preparation. There is always plenty of encouraging words and positive reinforcement, and you would think she is speaking directly to you.  And, I love the music she plays, especially the awesome covers.”

Deb W. beach yoga from Reach Yoga on Vimeo.

My Teacher Training Journey

by Nichola Roberts-Jones. Nichola completed her teacher training in June 2014, and teaches at Reach on Saturdays.

I will cherish every moment….

Walking through the Winnetka sidewalk sale, I was handed a yoga schedule for Reach Yoga, Glencoe. I had tried yoga before in England, but with a busy schedule, yoga became something I couldn’t quite find the time to do.

Moving to America from England in 2012, I found myself with so much free time, but no friends and family to spend time with. My husband said to me, “Why don’t you go back to yoga? You could meet some new friends, take time for yourself.” I decided to take the Beginners’ Series at Reach with Megan Miller.

During my first class, I absolutely loved everything about it. Yoga seemed to have such a wonderful effect on me and my mood. And it made me feel like I was a part of something, a new life, new experience. I left the class excited for the following week.

The weeks passed, and it was the end of the series. I knew I wanted more. My feelings for yoga were growing but in a way I didn’t expect. I wanted to share this feeling. I wanted to pass this gift of happiness, calm, peace and excitement to other people … in my heart … I wanted to teach!

The following week, I signed up for the teacher training. I wanted to learn as much as possible about yoga. Why does it make me feel so good, where did it all begin, and when does the training start?!

My training began in January. We attended training sessions every Sunday and Tuesday. I went into every class so excited to learn more. I became so close to all my fellow teacher trainees — so much that we all grew a strong friendship bond together through our training. Since training finished, we often attend classes, workshops, and nights out for dinner and drinks together.

Our teacher training faculty was amazing! Paul, Mark and Erica taught us so much. They brought all their experience, love for yoga, and the joy of teaching others to each class. The guest teachers we had were all wonderful. I will be truly grateful for everything I learned from them all.

If I were able to train forever, I would. Going to the sidewalk sale that day was truly the start to my new life. Namaste.

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