Who’s On That Mat? Meet Eric Hochberg

We love Eric Hochberg! He’s a frequent and enthusiastic yoga student. Next time you see him, say hello … and maybe plan to hear his trio play.

Q. Why do you practice yoga? How does it benefit you?

I came to yoga twelve years ago to reverse my early 50’s middle-age slump. I found that not only did it increase my overall strength, balance and flexibility, it also improved my general well being and state of mind. And, I found all of these benefits to be of great value in my professional life as a musician.

Q. How often do you typically practice yoga?

I shoot for three to four sessions a week, depending on my schedule. I generally prefer a day of rest between sessions.

Q. How do you occupy your time outside of Reach Yoga?

I am a professional jazz double bassist, and music is pretty much my life outside of family and yoga practice. These days I perform nightly with my trio at Catch 35 Chicago and do some teaching on the weekends. I’m also about to become a first-time grandpa, so I think a little more travel will be in my future!

Q. What was your first job?

Playing around the North Shore in one of my high school rock bands.

Q. What city, anywhere in the world, would you recommend everyone visit?

I’ve been fortunate to have visited many great cities in my musical travels, so that’s a tough question. Paris for food and culture, London for the National Gallery, and Rio de Janeiro for amazing music. NYC, of course, for great jazz!

Q. What is you favorite food to cook or eat?

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and these days I like making pasta and various bean dishes, which, believe it or not, have become my breakfast staple.

Q. What was the last live performance (concert, play, etc.) you attended? How was it?

The most notable recent performance I attended was Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s six-hour, three-play mashup with a live rock band (featuring one of my students). It was an incredible all day experience!

Q. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee in the morning, tea at night.

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