Who’s On That Mat? Meet Janet Schiff

Janet Schiff has been practicing yoga at Reach since the beginning … so almost six years now. We thought other yoga students might enjoy learning a bit about Janet. When you next see her, ask about Banjo! 

I first was introduced to yoga through my daughter Melanie when she was 22 years old. I took a ride down to Moksha and had my first class. That was almost twenty years ago. I initially practiced Iyengar and Hatha  Yoga. After that, I also practiced Vinyasa.

Prior to practicing yoga, I did weights and the stairclimber religiously while working full time as an attorney and then a realtor, in addition to raising three children.

As the years pass, I find it more and more important that I practice yoga, for well being, strength and balance.  I try to go at least three times a week currently.

I still am working as a realtor with Coldwell Banker in Glencoe.  I enjoy my grandchildren long distance in Los Angeles, my family here, including my husband Pepper and my adoring pup Banjo who you see around town with me from time to time.

I am a longtime resident of Glencoe, over thirty-five years, and am very fortunate to have a studio with fine instructors at Reach Yoga.

I find different instructors focus on different things but have learned through them to know my own body, work at your own pace. It’s not a race. Colleen, Zoe and Deb W are just a few that have truly impressed me.


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