Meet Members Lisa & Jonathan Rosenfeld

In a fun twist, we decided to interview a couple of yogis who just happen to be married to one another.

Lisa and Jonathan Rosenfeld can often be seen practicing yoga at Reach, both separately and together. Reading their interviews (which they answered separately), it’s clear that they would be big winners on the newlywed game.

Thanks Jonathan and Lisa for being great yoga students, letting our community get to know you, and most of all for practicing at Reach!

Q. Why do you practice yoga? How does it benefit you?

Jonathan: I was originally drawn to yoga for the physical practice and stretching as a way to recover from other activities. But I have since learned it also helps me calm down and focus. It has sort of become addicting.

Lisa: I started practicing yoga for two reasons: to get some time to myself after the birth of my second child and to become more flexible (I could not touch my toes!). The reason I practice has evolved and now serves as time for myself, to listen to my breath, to stop and slow down, remain flexible as I age, and try to remain calm through the ups and the downs of life, marriage, children, etc. I believe in yoga and believe it helps me become a better version of myself.

Q. How often do you typically practice yoga?

Jonathan: Three times a week.

Lisa: I like to tell myself I practice all the time (off the mat). I try to take the breathing, gratefulness, and calmness into my life in as many ways possible. But, I am human and all I can do is try! I practice physical asana practice 5-6 days a week.

Q. How do you occupy your time outside of Reach Yoga?

Jonathan: I am busy running a personal injury law firm and taking care of my family.

Lisa: I am a mom, wife, and friend. I help my husband with his law practice. I enjoy running and walking, alone and with friends. I like reading a good book. I volunteer at the kids school. I love to travel and see and experience new places.​

Q. What was your first job?

Jonathan: Lifeguard at Gilson Beach… it was awesome.

Lisa: My first job was at Misericordia in Chicago.

Q. What city, anywhere in the world, would you recommend everyone visit?

Jonathan: Sanibel Island, FL (but please … not too many people go)!

Lisa: Rome, Italy … so much history, easily walkable, amazing food, amazing language, amazing people.

Q. What is you favorite food to cook or eat?

Jonathan: I pretty much like pizza and salad, prepared well.

Lisa: I don’t cook. Jonathan does and does it well! I love his version of bibimbop, pizza, and eggplant milanese.

Q. What was the last live performance (concert, play, etc.) you attended? How was it?

Jonathan: John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett – it was great, but too late, even leaving before it was half over was too late.

Lisa: We saw Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt acoustic! It was great, but we do not stay out late or up late, so we left after an hour and 15 minutes. Perfect for us!

Q. Do you participate in any sports or fitness activities other than yoga?

Jonathan: I swim, run, bike… anything to avoid sitting still.

Lisa: Yes! I run daily and go to Shred415 once or twice a week.

Q. Coffee or tea?

Jonathan: Coffee. All forms and lots of it.

Lisa: Coffee for sure! Good coffee.

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