Meet Nicole Moriarty

Name: Nicole MoriartyBirthplace: Right here, Bebe.
Current Hometown:Glencoe
Nicknames: Nic + on occasion a “Boyar” will squeak out here and there by a former schoolmate of mine ; )
Family: husband, Jamie + four year old daughter, Royce.
Jobs or Life Passion: Travel Consultant by day, (travel is one of my life’s passions too). Other passion? Y-O-G-A naturally.
Favorite Place to Travel: St. Barths. Tell me last minute we have tickets to fly out tomorrow + I’m there.
Hobbies: yoga, fitness, health.
Name 1 moment that completely changed your life: Becoming a mom. Many of y’all can understand that one!
When did you start practicing yoga & why: I was a cardio nut. A gym rat. And then in college first semester we had to take a physical education class for our graduation requirement + I signed up for yoga. And that was it. And I’ve been practicing daily *almost* ever since.
Favorite Pose: Triangle. And standing forward fold. And supta badhakonasana. Ahhh!
Favorite Mantra: Respond don’t react.
Best Advice Ever Given: When you meet the resistance, soften.
Best Advice to Give: Perspective is everything.
Coffe or tea: COFFEE. On repeat.
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