Meet Student & Reach Kids Instructor Dayna Robbins!

Usually we feature an avid student OR a Reach yoga instructor here in this space, but as luck might have it, Dayna Robbins is not only a regular on her mat, but she’s also our coveted kids yoga instructor! She sure does have her hands full with all of that, her adorable family, as well as being a certified Reiki master! Read on for why we adore this beautiful gem and all she does here at the studio.

Birthplace: New Jersey

Current Hometown: Glencoe

Family/Pets: Husband Andy, 3 Kids, Liv 11, Ellery 8, Bode 6, and our mini bernedoodle Ray Lewis

Favorite Place to Travel: Mexico

Name 1 moment that completely changed your life: Becoming a mom, I realized for the first time how much love my parents had for me and how many sacrifices they made to make me happy

When did you start practicing yoga & why: I first started practicing yoga in my 20s. It was a Sunday morning tradition with my friends and we would grab brunch afterwards. However life and kids began to get in the way so I started practicing yoga on a regular basis 2 years ago. I look forward to my time on the mat because it gave me a place to unwind and calm my mind.

When did you start teaching (kids) yoga & why: I started teaching kids yoga when I was pregnant with my first child. I was getting my masters to be a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor to be a therapist for children. I was told it would be helpful with children with ADD, anxiety, and depression. I got certified through Karma Kids Yoga and Itsy BItsy Yoga. The minute I started teaching I realized this was what I was suppose to do.

What feeds your soul? I started receiving energy work a couple of years ago and I fell in love with it. I was drawn to the calmness it provided and was in awe of the changes that it brought about. I became a reiki master, and received certifications in working with crystals as well as essential oils. I love working with others to help unblock energy, feel peaceful, and make positive changes.

Favorite Mantra: Be present

Best Advice Ever Given: Take Action and let go

Best Advice to Give: Be yourself

Coffee or Tea: Celery juice – then coffee! i don’t recommend talking to me until I’ve had both!


Dayna teaches our Family Yoga Classes – Next one Sunday Feb 10th 1:30-2:30PM-SIGN UP TODAY TO SECURE YOUR SPOT!

and Bedtime Story Yoga – Next one Sunday March 3rd 5:45-6:30PM

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