4 Options for Initiating a Regular Yoga Practice

If you’ve heard about all the benefits or yoga, or even observed its magic in people you know, perhaps you’ve wanted to try yoga yourself. How to get started?

Or maybe you’ve practiced in the past, but feel you need some instruction or review or just some encouragement to establish or re-establish a regular yoga practice.

Here are four ways to initiate a regular practice. Maybe one of them is right for you.

1. Sign Up for a General Yoga Beginner’s Course.

For most, it’s helpful to start with a course that teaches the basics. Join others who are new(er) to yoga, work together for a few weeks, and gain the confidence to participate in a regular weekly class. Here are several upcoming options offered by Reach Yoga:

  • Yoga Foundations. Two 2-hour sessions one week apart. For those who prefer to jump into a regular weekly class as soon as possible, but would like an introduction to or review of the basics in order to feel comfortable and minimize risk of injury.
  • Yoga Basics & Beyond. Four weekly classes for those who are sure they want to begin or re-start a yoga practice, and would like a jump-start with a skilled instructor. The emphasis in this class is understanding each individual student’s goals and current state, helping them identify a good yoga practice plan, and then providing instruction and review that will equip them to start that practice plan.
  • Yoga for the Complete Beginner: Four weekly classes for those who have never stepped on a yoga mat, and want to experience it and find out whether yoga is for them.

If this approach interests you, see upcoming opportunities.

2. Sign Up for a Foundational Course Designed for Students Like You.

People begin practicing yoga for different reasons and at different stages of life. Perhaps you’d like to start your yoga practice with others who share similar goals. Here are some courses starting soon:

  • Yoga for Athletes. Designed to help someone who is already physically fit, but not necessarily flexible, learn a lot in a short time. Perfect for the gym rat or runner who understands that yoga can be a critical complement to their regimen, but has procrastinated because “yoga for beginners” sounds slow and boring.
  • Functional Yoga for Balance & Flexibility.  For students interested in yoga for pragmatic reasons – e.g., preventing falls, easily reaching your shoes, and moving mindfully.
  • Lifestyle Yoga for Parents of Young Children. A yoga jump-start that addresses the practical challenges of practicing yoga when you are a caregiver to young children, as well as how to use yoga to develop patience in yourself and self-calming techniques for your child(ren).

To learn more, view our schedule of foundational courses.

3. Jump In to a Weekly Basic Yoga Class.

If you prefer to jump right into an established weekly class, you can — but choose wisely and proceed with caution. If you join a class (even a “basics” class) with students who have been practicing for years, you may miss some fundamentals of how to maximize the benefit of yoga poses and sequences while minimizing risk of injury.

Here’s some advice:  Try a few different basic yoga classes until you find a teacher whose teaching really “clicks” with you. (If you would like individual attention, you might find you prefer a non-peak class time that regularly sees 10 or fewer students.) Then approach the teacher before or after class, and say you are looking for feedback on your form and alignment. Ask for help going forward to improve.

For guidance on specific weekly classes to try, email me at dani@reachyogaglencoe.com.

4. Take a Few Private Yoga Lessons.

For the ultimate jump-start tailored to you, try starting with a few private lessons. A skilled instructor can teach the basics, advise on the right balance of classes, lessons, and home practice for you, and provide specific feedback on how to maximize the value of your practice.

To learn more, or inquire about the possibility of private yoga lessons matched to your schedule and needs, see this page.

There is More Than One Way

There are many ways to begin (or rekindle) a yoga practice. If none of these resonates, please do email me at dani@reachyogaglencoe.com, or speak to a yoga teacher or front desk manager for more advice about your specific situation.


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