New Here?

Here are some questions frequently asked by students new to Reach Yoga, with answers.

Q. Do I have to sign up for class online?

It’s great if you can, and will smooth your arrival at the studio. You are certainly welcome to come without signing up first. For your first visit, or any visit to one of our busier classes (between 8am and 11am), please arrive at least 15 minutes before class time.

Q. I am coming to my first class at Reach Yoga. What should I expect when I arrive? 

When you walk in our front door, you’ll see our boutique area and a desk. Between 9am and 5pm, you will be greeted by a front desk manager. If it’s before 9am or after 5pm, your yoga teacher will be the one to welcome you to the studio.

If you haven’t registered online, we’ll ask you to complete a form; you can have a seat on a bench to do so comfortably. If you haven’t already purchased classes or a membership, we’ll offer you a few different ways to pay for class.

Whether or not you reserved a spot online, please write your name on the sign-in sheet for the class. That lets us know you actually arrived.

Once those tasks are squared away, we’ll ask you to leave your shoes in the boutique area (there are benches and shelves to hold shoes).

Q. My first class is at the Takiff Center in Glencoe. Where should I go?

The Takiff Center is at 999 Green Bay Road in Glencoe. Turn into the center just north of the building and drive around; the main entrance is in the back. When you enter the building, the yoga room is straight back (past the desk on your right, down a short flight of stairs or ramp, an straight ahead). If you aren’t sure where to go, ask at the desk.

Q. What should I do while waiting for class to start?

Feel free to enter the studio area once the previous class has ended, and students are standing up to put their things away. You can bring any coats, bags, and other belongings into the studio. Hang them on the hooks provided, or put them on top of or in the benches in the back lounge area (near the restroom).

Please be sure to turn off or completely silence your mobile phone. 

You can roll out your mat or borrow one of ours. We have “props” such as blankets, blocks, and straps; your teacher may let you know which ones to grab, and you can borrow anything additional that you like. You may also help yourself to a towel and some water. It’s great if you can bring your own water bottle, but if you forget, there are paper cups available.

Enjoy some time on your mat, sitting, lying down, warming up, or chatting with your neighbor, until your teacher starts class. Class generally starts and ends right on time, or very close to it.

Q. What should I do after class ends?

After class, please wipe your mat if you’ve borrowed one of ours, kindly put away your mat and any props, collect your belongings, and exit the studio, where you can put on your shoes again in the boutique area. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day or evening.

Q. What information do you ask for on the form?

We want to make sure you are aware of the risks of yoga or any physical activity, so the form reminds you of some things you may already know, and asks you to acknowledge the information presented. We’ll also ask for a few ways to contact you (which we won’t do very often).

Q. If I reserved space in a class online, do I still need to put my name on the class sign-in sheet on the desk?

Yes please. Your name on the sign-in sheet lets us know you actually arrived.

Q. Do you have a changing area?

Yes, you can use our dressing room (to the right of the front desk) or the restroom (at the rear of the studio).

Q. Do you have a locker room / shower?

No we do not.

Q. Where do I put my things (shoes, coat, bag, phone)?

Shoes should be left outside the studio. Everything else can go in with you; there are hooks on the wall for coats and bags, and also some benches in the rear of the studio area, near the restroom. Please turn off or completely silence your cell phone (no buzzing), and leave it in your bag, with your outerwear, or in a bench cubby (not next to your mat please).

Q. I am under 18. Can I take a yoga class at Reach?

Yes, students 13 and up can take classes that are appropriate for their yoga experience. That may be a beginner class, or if you have yoga experience, you can take a higher level class. We’ll need a form signed by your parent or guardian. You can print one here, have it signed, and bring it with you. 

Q. I don’t have a mat. Can I rent one from you?

You are welcome to borrow one of our mats at no charge. We ask that you kindly clean it before returning it; we provide mat spray and towels. 

Q. Where do I put my used towel after class?

There is a collection bin at the rear of the studio (near the props and bathroom), or give it to the front desk manager.

Q. I am running late. Can I still come to class?

The answer is “usually, but not in every case.” Read more here.

Q. How do I know when class is canceled?

While we cancel classes very rarely, it’s always best to check our online schedule before heading to class, especially on holidays. Any cancellation or substitute teacher will be shown there.

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