Online Reservation Policies

Q. How do I reserve a spot in a class? 

Each class on our online schedule includes a Sign Up button that permits you to reserve a spot. You will need an online account with us (many of you already have one). Setting up an account takes only a moment, and needs to be done only once. Your information will be stored securely. You can update it at any time. Get an online account

You also can reserve your spot using our app, which is available free in the iOS and Android app stores. Search for “Reach Yoga Glencoe” to download. You can use your existing account, or set up a new one through the app.

Q. Do I still need to sign in when I arrive?

Yes. That way we’ll know for sure that you actually arrived.

Q. Can I still come to class if I haven’t signed up in advance? 

Yes, mostly. We expect that for the majority of our classes, you will still be able to arrive five minutes before class time and have no problem finding a spot. For the more popular class times (for example, 9:30am), you may want to secure your spot.

Please arrive no later than five minutes before class start time. If you arrive later than that, you could lose your spot. Whether you sign up ahead of time or not, please be aware of etiquette around arriving late.

Q. What if I reserve a spot, and then cannot make it to class?

You can cancel your reservation until an hour before start time without using a class payment. And if the class doesn’t fill, we will not use one of your classes on file, even if you never cancel and simply do not show up. If the class fills entirely and you reserved a spot and did not cancel, we will subtract a class from your account. Seems fair, yes?

Q. What if a class I would like to attend is full? 

You will be placed on a wait list. You can be notified if a spot in the class opens up.

Q. How do I set up an account? 

You may already have one. If you have ever purchased a class pack, beginner series, workshop, or event online, you have a Reach Yoga account. If you do not have an account, set one up here. Or follow the instructions in the Reach Yoga Glencoe app.

Q. Can I keep my credit card information private? 


You can store your credit card information in our software, and it is as secure as any online system. Our software vendor MindBody receives the highest data security ratings. No credit card information is stored on our physical computers or in our studio, and our staff cannot even see your card number.

That said, if you prefer not to leave your credit card information with us, that is fine. You can purchase your classes in the studio, and they will be there in your account when you are ready to reserve a spot in a class. Note that you will need to have at least one paid class in your account to reserve a spot.

Q. I am a Reach Yoga member. Does all this apply to me? 

Members may need to reserve a spot in the most popular classes. They will be able to change their minds, however, without penalty, even at the last minute. (We hope you won’t do that very often.)

Q. I have a free class card. How do I reserve a spot in class?  

At this moment, you cannot use a free card to reserve a spot online. If you plan to use a free class card and wish to reserve a spot, please do one of the following: (1) plan to arrive at the studio a bit early, or (2) hand your card in at the front desk in advance, and ask that it be recorded in your account, or (3) purchase a single class online, and then once in the studio ask to trade your free class card for a refund.

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