Payment FAQs

Here are frequently asked questions about payment options, with answers.

Q. I am new to Reach Yoga. Do you offer a free class to new students?

We offer two weeks of yoga (unlimited) for only $29. With this offer you get many classes “free,” since you can take 2, 5, 10, or more classes over the course of your new student membership, while a single class costs $18-20. Read more

Q. I finished my new student special. What is the best payment option for me now?

Here are some guidelines:

  • If you practice very occasionally (less than 10 times per year), pay for one class at a time ($20/class regular, $18/class for students and seniors).
  • If you practice at least once a month, buy 10 classes at a time ($17.50/class regular, $16/class seniors and students)
  • If you practice at least twice a month, or once every other week, buy 20 classes at a time ($16/class regular, $15/class seniors and students)
  • If you practice more frequently, 2-7 times per week (at least 7 classes per month), become a Reach Yoga member. Read about membership

Q. Who qualifies as a “senior” or “student”?

At Reach Yoga, a senior is 65 or older. A student is 23 or under.

Q. I am older than 23, but am enrolled in school full time. Can I get the student discount?

Sorry, no, at Reach we define a student as “23 or younger.”

Q. Do I need to carry a “punch card”?

No, we will track the classes you buy for you. You can check the number of classes you have left through our app, by logging into our website, or by asking at the desk.

Q. Can you share a group of 10 or 20 classes with a family member?

Sure you can. Just ask at the desk. (Sharing a membership is not possible.)

Q. Can I buy classes online?

Yes, there are several options, and you can buy anytime, day or night. The easiest is our app (download here). Or use our payment options page, or reserve online for a class and pay there.

Q. How do I pay for classes at the Takiff Center?

You can buy yoga classes at Takiff (online or at the facility) OR use your Reach Yoga classes or membership.

Q. How do I pay for a program at the Winnetka Community House?

Please register and pay at the Winnetka Community House (try this link).

Q. How long before classes I buy expire?

When you buy 10 or 20 classes at a time, all the classes are valid for 12 months after your purchase.


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