Private Classes

There are many reasons why you might enjoy a private yoga class. In a private class, you can …

  • Receive individual attention if you are recovering from an injury, or if you have specific health concerns.
  • Ask questions in a private, confidential setting, in order to develop a deeper understanding of your yoga experience.
  • Have a class tailored to perfectly fit your individual goals and needs.
  • Feel completely at ease. For those individuals who may be nervous or disinclined for any reason to attend a group yoga class, a private class may be exactly what the doctor ordered.
  • Receive individual instruction and adjustments to take with you, either to ensure that you have learned proper alignment as you go on to enjoy group lessons, or as you develop your own home practice.

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Private one-hour yoga classes at Reach Yoga:

  • $100 – Single Yoga Class
  • $450 – 5 Pack
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