Reach Student Stephanie Nora White Lists her Top 10 Reasons for Practicing Yoga

I came to yoga about 15 years ago, and wish I had started 15 years before that.  I’ve practiced in cities far and wide.  Yet, I am always struck by the abundance of truly gifted teachers on The North Shore and at ReachYoga in particular.  We are lucky indeed.  Here are the top ten reasons I practice.

1. It’s warm. – Will never go to an air-conditioned gym again.  Ever.

2. It’s musical.  – Samba, an 80s remix, Krishna Das, Buena Vista Social Club. Have expanded my musical horizons without even trying.

3. It’s inspirational. I get some of my best ideas in downward-facing dog.  Seriously.

4. It’s childlike. Where else can you roll around on the floor making animal shapes?

5. It’s freedom. Our bodies moving in space. Cool.

6. It’s chemical. It churns up the joy-producing kind.

7. It’s historical. Love that it’s not fitness du jour, but part of a 2,000-year tradition.  Way cool.

8. It’s spiritual. My yoga intention always reminds me of a higher power and gratitude for my loved ones.

9. It’s community. I’ve met amazing individuals who’ve become cherished friends.

10. It’s humbling and motivating all at once.  It always leaves me humbled that my body still brings it every time I hit the mat and amazed by what happens in those 75, warm minutes. I’m a believer.



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