Recently at Reach Yoga: Maybe, Someday

Recently, someone approached me with some interest in buying Reach Yoga.

Running Reach remains rewarding and fun. At the same time, after almost six years, it seems worthwhile to consider whether some new investment, along with fresh ideas and energy, might benefit our customers and community.

So … I plan to meet with the interested party. I promise to let you know if any change is coming. If you don’t hear anything, just assume all is staying the same.

And, if anyone reading this would like to explore the possibility of owning a thriving yoga studio, please let me know. If I am going to consider one proposal, it makes sense to surface and explore multiple options–to find the best overall path forward for our community. Let me know by June 10 if you’d like to learn more.

No interest in running a yoga studio? Just want to keep practicing? Then the main thing for you to know is that I am committed to keeping Reach Yoga open, whether led by me or (maybe, someday) someone else.

Because: The divine light in me loves the divine light in each and every one of you.


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