New to Yoga?

At Reach Yoga, we want you to know how much we value students who are new to yoga. We really want you to learn and practice with us.

Reach is dedicated to providing an atmosphere that feels safe and comfortable for all students.  We work actively to promote a feeling of non-competition and non-judgment, which you’ll feel from the moment you join us.

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Questions often asked by people considering yoga:

Q. Aren’t I too old for yoga?

We recently sang happy birthday to a yoga student turning 84. A celebrated yoga teacher recently celebrated 100. No, you are not too old. Ask about classes that are gentle.

Q. I’m not flexible, so doesn’t that mean I can’t do yoga?

Yoga is how you become flexible. People with tight muscles are most in need of yoga. The pictures you see of very flexible yogis are the result of years of yoga practice. It’s not that they do yoga because they are flexible. Rather, they are flexible because they do yoga.

Q. I’m a man. Isn’t yoga mostly for women?

Historically and globally, yoga has mostly been practiced by men. It happens that Reach Yoga has more women than men practicing at this time. But we do have plenty of male students, in all kinds of classes.

Q. Okay, I am ready to try. What class should I take?

If you like step-by-step instruction that assumes zero knowledge, try one of our Beginner Programs. If you prefer to jump in and catch up, try a “Basics” level class from our weekly schedule. If you need advice or have special needs, email

If you have questions that aren’t covered here, please email
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