Who We Are

My yoga journey began when I stepped on a mat in 2008 at a health club in Chicago after giving birth to my first child. Enthusiastic and deeply committed right from the start, my intention in teaching is to inspire others to connect with and express their greatest potential both on and off the mat.

My path thus far has been an exciting one and one filled with unimaginable learning experiences, unique opportunities and connections that I never knew I would have. When I took my first teacher training in 2011, I said I was only doing it to enhance my love for the practice of yoga. I believed that I would never actually teach yoga. Clearly the road ahead was unknown at the time, but each year that passed and wisdom gained, brought me unknowingly closer to where I stand today as owner of Reach Yoga.

I can tell you first hand that our instructors at Reach are just as passionate about their lives on, as they are off the mat. They will provide each and every yogi, new & seasoned, a well-balanced, well-rounded practice with lots of personal attention to each student that only one can achieve in a boutique studio environment. We welcome everyone, always.

I am steadily inspired and learn from all the teachers and students I am surrounded by daily. And am so grateful for finding this community when I did. We hope you join us sometime on YOUR journey!

“ My religion is very simple, my religion is kindness.” ~ Dalai Lama

Laura Merlo/ Owner/Instructor Reach Yoga

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